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  Name:   David Dressler


David Dressler, Editing and Writing Services
  URL:  http://www.thewritestuffservices.com        Account: Workhorse
Comment: I never had problems with my website or email

  Name:   Alberto Martinez Perez

AMPSoft - Freeware programs - Utilities & games

AMPSoft - Freeware programs - Utilities & games
  URL:  http://www.ampsoft.net        Account: Workhorse
Comment:   The Wonder Hosting offer can be summarized with a "Wow!!!".
It not only offers file hosting but a load of features from email accounts to PHP support with very affordable prices, especially in the Avant-garde plans. I think that the hosting offered by Wonder Hosting covers almost all the needs of a small or medium company, and is also ideal for hosting a weblog, since a lot of weblog creation programs take advantage of PHP. And last but not least they offer REAL support if you have any problems with your account. One happy costumer here...

  Name:   Dr. Andrei N. Yakunin

Dr. Andrei N. Yakunin

  Scientific Interests and Current Researches of Dr. Andrei N. Yakunin in polymer science: melt viscosity, liquid crystals, mesophases, self-assembly, critical phenomena, phase transitions, nanostructures, X-ray scattering, computer modeling, plastic deformation, orientational phenomena, polymer relaxation.
  URL:  http://www.yakunin.info        Account: Hummingbird
Comment:   I was blown away by Wonder Hosting. The tech support is awesome and customer service is amazing.  I managed to complete and post my site in just two nights, although I never did websites before I opened an account with Wonder Hosting.

  Name:   Dr. Galina Ye. Yakunina
 Dr. Galina Ye. Yakunina   Dr. Galina Ye. Yakunina’s scientific research interests in mechanical engineering: model of local interaction, minimum total drag, maximum penetration depth, optimum shape design, optimality conditions, criterion of motion stability, computer modeling of body motion.

  URL:  http://www.yakunina.info        Account: Hummingbird

Comment:   My husband told me Wonder Hosting is excellent!

  Name:   Yegor


  This is just my personal website. You will probably not find it interesting if you don’t know me.
  URL:  http://www.y-zone.com        Account: Basic
  Comment:   Met expectations.
  Nothing extraordinary, just good solid hosting.

  Name: Mega Save


The best place to find great deals for goods and services. Provides information on Deals, Discounts, Coupons, on many products and services.
  URL:  http://www.Mega-Save.com        Account: Workhorse
Comment: Currently advertising Web Design and Hosting, Fine Art, Bookkeeping, Signs, Graphic Designers, Editing and Writing
(Counting On Us ad is disabled - they did not want to pay $45 for the work done)

  Name: Global Pages


Global Pages a.k.a. TheMerlinNetwork.com offers discounts for consumers, efficient advertising for merchants, and revenue sharing via free membership.
  URL: http://www.TheMerlinNetwork.com  http://TheMerlin.com  http://MyGlobalPages.com    Account: Workhorse
Comment: Only some parts of the website are hosted at Wonder Hosting.

Hornblower Yacht Chartersa full-service yacht charter company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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