Speed Test

To test downloading speed, please try downloading a 1 MB file.
This file has a .bin extension. If your browser opens it instead of saving to a disk, you may want to right-click the link and select Save Target As to save it to some temporary location. The Download Complete dialog box will show the download time and transfer rate. (These instructions are for Internet Explorer, other browsers have slightly different menus.)
Please note: If you have a slow Internet connection, then this test actually tests your connection speed instead of our speed.

To test the PING response time, please highlight and copy any of these domain names found in our Testimonials page:


then open CNet SiteSpeed Meter page, paste a domain name into the 1. Enter your site address field and click the Go! button.
Please note: www in a domain name is mandatory.

SiteSpeed Meter waits for about 1 minute before displaying results, so please be patient.
Please note: .com and .net domains often show a slower response than .ca and .info.

Below are results of tests as of 23 February 2003:

Domains hosted at Wonder Hosting:
Plan Domain Average Ping Time, ms
Avant-garde www.yakunin.info 0
Avant-garde www.yakunina.info 0
Avant-garde www.filonenko.net 37
Avant-garde www.wonder-hosting.com 37
Classic www.y-zone.com 16
Classic www.WonderHosting.com 17
Classic www.up-n-running.ca 0
Classic www.wondernames.com 15
Classic www.wondernames.ca 0

Other well-known domains:
Domain Average Ping Time, ms
www.dellhost.com 60
www.godaddy.com 32
www.hostonce.com Request timed out
www.telus.net/BC/webspace.html 48
website.yahoo.com 0

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