Member Hints

This page reminds new users how to access different functions of a hosting account.
It actually duplicates the information provided in the Welcome email.

In the text below, please substitute

    <Username> with your username,
<Domain>     with your domain name,    (without www, for example
<IP>             with your IP address.

Please refer to Help page for more details.

Name Server Instructions:

Please change your domain's nameservers to the following:  (  (

(Hint: This is usually done at the website where you registered your domain.)

Please allow 12-48 hrs for your domain name to resolve to our nameservers.
This time is needed for changes to propagate over the Internet.
If the name does not properly resolve yet, please use name or your IP address.

cPanel Instructions:

To connect to your account control panel, please use any of the following:


Your cPanel is where you add email addresses, sub-domains, and make any other modifications you want for your account.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a backup feature in the control panel. Please make backups of your site.

FTP Instructions:

You can begin uploading your files at any of the following:


User name and password are the same as for the cPanel
( for any additional FTP accounts you create, LoginName includes your domain name: name_you_created@<Domain> ).
Files for public access (your website) should be uploaded to the public_html directory.
Files and directories outside the public_html directory are not accessible to the public.
The www directory is just a link to the public_html directory.

WWW Instructions:

Before your domain name resolves to our nameservers, you can access your website at any of the following:<Username>
- trailing forward slash is mandatory

Email Instructions:

One email address has been created automatically: <Username>@<Domain>
LoginName for this email account is your Username, i.e. <Username>
The password is the same as for the cPanel.
For any other email accounts you create, LoginName is a full email address.

POP3 and SMTP servers are the same, and can be any of the following:


SMTP server requires authentication. Logon settings are the same as for POP3 server.

Your webmail can be accessed from cPanel or at http://<Domain>/webmail

Password Instructions:

You can change your password in cPanel.
(Different cPanel skins show different menus. Usually "Change Password" can be found in "Site Management" or "Account Settings" menu.)

When you change your password in cPanel, cPanel actually changes 3 passwords:
    cPanel password
    password for main FTP account
    password for main Mail account

Please note: this is Unix server, therefore usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

For Additional Support:

If you are in need of additional support regarding your account, you have several options.
We encourage you to view our FAQ for answers to the most common questions.
If you can't find what you need in our FAQ or need other technical assistance, please email support.

Please note: Tech support does not provide tutoring, teaching, training, etc.


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