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Avant-garde plans FAQ are below:

Table of contents

Domain Names
Control Panel (cPanel5)
Pre-Sales Questions

  1. Domain Names       Back to top

    Q. What is a virtual domain?
    A. A virtual domain allows you to have your own domain name ( or as well as your own email addresses, i.e., etc.

    Q. Where can I purchase a domain from?
    A. From any company providing domain registration. You can get a hosting setup fee refund if you buy a domain through or

    Q. How long does it take for the domain name to work?
    A. Allow 1-3 days for the domain name to resolve after you change the name servers.

    Q. Can I view my site before my domain resolves to the server?
    A. Yes, go to . Where "XXXX" is, replace it with your username.

    Q. Can I host a sub-domain ( at Wonder Hosting?
    A. Yes, we offer unlimited sub-domains at no extra charge when you host with us.

    Q. I have two domains: and, can I point to
    A. Yes, this is called parking. In this example, the domain to park on top of would be and the domain to park would be (Domain to park). This is free and can be done using Control Panel.


  2. Control Panel (cPanel6)      Back to top

    Q. How do I access my domain control panel?
    A. Once your domain has resolved, go to and enter your username and password.
    And you can always use

    Is there a user manual for cPanel?
    A. Yes, it can be found at


  3. FTP       Back to top

    Q. What is FTP?
    A. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is the process used to upload and download files from a web server. This is done using an FTP client like Ws_FTP and Cute FTP. MS Internet Explorer is also a good FTP client.

    Q. Where can I find one of these FTP clients above?
    A. For CuteFTP go to

    For Ws_FTP go to

    Q. How do I FTP into my account?
    A. To transfer files or browse through your directory using FTP, you need to connect with an FTP client to hostname or until your domain name resolve you can use Use port 21, and login with your account username and password.

    Any files that you want viewable on the web should be uploaded to the "public_html" directory ("www" is a shortcut to "public_html"). You might want to set this as the default directory in your ftp client. Please refer to our online manual for detailed instruction on doing this.

    Q. What if I can't use FTP?
    A. Login to your account and go to "Access Menu". From there click "File Manager". Under the File Manager click "Upload Files".

    Q. I have created an extra ftp accounts in the control panel. How do that persons connect?
    A. They would use the same procedure as above, but they need to enter their username as For instance, if you create a user called bob, he would log in with the username Please change to your actual domain name.

    Q. Anonymous FTP?
    A. When anonymous ftp is turned on in your account, anonymous ftp users have access to your "public_ftp" folder. To set things up for anonymous ftp access, log into your cPanel and click on "Account Settings ". Under Account Settings click "FTP Manager". The second checkbox allows anonymous ftp users to upload to your /public_ftp/incoming folder. No anonymous ftp users can view or download the contents of the /public_ftp/incoming folder.

    To connect with an ftp program as an anonymous ftp user, you need to use as the username. Leave the password field blank. The hostname is . Use port 21.

    Q. Ok, I uploaded my files, but nothing is showing up when I try to access my site using a browser.
    A. Double check that you have uploaded your files to the "public_html" or "www" folder.

    Check that you have named your default page index.html, index.htm, home.html or home.htm

    Q. My FTP program is having some problems connecting, how can I troubleshoot this?
    A. Make sure that you have entered all the proper FTP information for your site. This was provided in the account information email that we sent you when your site become live on our server.

    Double check that your FTP program is set to access port number 21.

    Verify that you currently have a connection to the internet and that your ISP is not having any problems.

    If you are behind a firewall, try enabling "passive mode" on your FTP program.

    Q. When I upload my files to the server, why are they corrupted?
    A. Make sure that your FTP application is set to automatically detect ACSII or binary mode.


  4. Pre-Sales Questions       Back to top

    Q. Can I pay you by cheque?
    A. Yes. You can find details at Signup page.

    Q. You mention that you are SSL capable. What does that mean?
    A. We currently do not offer an SSL certificate for customers use. Therefore you would need to purchase your own certificate if you were wanting to have SSL capabilities. We will offer SSL certificates shortly.

    Q. How much downtime will there be when I transfer my site to you?
    A. As long as things are done properly there should be no downtime as a result of the move. We suggest following these steps:

    1. Sign up for an account with us
    2. Upload your website to our servers and test to make sure everything appears as it should
    3. Update the name servers with your domain registrar to point to the ones we provide in your welcome email
    4. Wait a couple of days before canceling your old hosting plan. It can take a couple of days for a domain to transfer and it is best to leave some overlap to ensure there is no downtime.

    If you follow these steps the transition will happen smoothly.

    Q. Do you have a money-back guarantee?
    A. Yes, we offer a full 15 day money back guarantee.

    Q. What kind of hardware do your servers use?
    A. AS of November 2002, our servers are Pentium 4, each with 1 GB RAM and RAID installed.

    Q. What operating system do your servers use?
    A. All our servers run Red Hat Linux 8 with Apache Web Server.

    Q. How long will it take to have my site up and running after payment has been made?
    A. Your account will be setup within 1 day after your payment has been made.

    Q. Is there an extra charge for unique IP's?
    A. $5/month for 2 IPs.

    Q. How can you afford to offer this deal at such a low price?
    A. By maintaining all hardware and software running smoothly. This reduces tech support cost. Also, we don't provide live telephone support which is often a drain of human resources.


  5. Scripts       Back to top

    Q. What are CGI scripts?
    A. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a process used by the server to pass information between the user and an application on the server. With CGI access, you can install Perl scripts on your website for such things as feedback forms, guestbook, counters, and so on.

    Q. Do you know where can I find some free CGI scripts?
    A. Here are a few resources for CGI scripts:



    The CGI Resource Index


    Script Search

    Q. I'm having difficulty setting up CGI scripts, are there any other alternatives?
    A. Yes, check out PHP. It is much easier to configure (no permissions to set, it can run from any directory, etc.) and much of what you can do with a CGI script you can do using PHP. The development community for PHP is gigantic, so you will be more and more applications that will be using in the years to come.

    Q. What is the path to sendmail?
    A. /usr/sbin/sendmail

    Q. What is the path to perl?
    A. /usr/bin/perl

    Q. Where is date?
    A. /bin/date

    Q. Where is time?
    A. /usr/bin/time

    Q. Where do I upload all my files?
    A. /home/XXXX/public_html. Where XXX is, place your username.

    Q. What PERL modules are installed and available for use?
    A. For a list of installed Perl modules, log into your cPanel, go down to "installed perl modules" and click "click here to view".


  6. Email       Back to top

    Q. How do I connect to my email account?
    A. There are a couple of methods for doing this. The easiest is to log into your control panel, click on "POP email accounts", and then click on the autoconfig link next to the account you want to set up in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express (assuming you use one of these email programs). This will automatically set up the email for Outlook or Outlook Express.

    If this doesn't work, you will need to use the following settings.

    POP3 server =
    SMTP server =

    You will need to authenticate in order to send mail through our SMTP server. There is usually an option for this in the email client. You will then need to enter your username and password again.

    The username has two possibilities. If you are using the default account with the username that you signed up with, you can just enter your username. If you set up an extra email account, you will need to use as the username. This prevents confusion if multiple people try using the same username.

    Q. Connecting to email accounts using Netscape mail?
    A. There is an issue with Netscape regarding the use of the "@" symbol in the username. In order to log into your email account with a username with an embedded "@" using Netscape, you have to go into the user's profile directory for Netscape and edit the "prefs.js" file. Add the following line:


    That should fix the issue.

    Q. Why have my POP email accounts been deleted in cPanel?
    A. There's a bug in cpanel that can occur on occasion. Sometimes when you change the domain password (the main password for your cPanel account), cPanel goes and deletes any additional POP email accounts you may have created. This occurs quite rarely, and have not occurred for years, but it's best to check if your email accounts are there after every change you make to your domain password, just to be safe.


  7. Billing       Back to top

    Q. Why are all the payments for your web hosting plans set up as reoccurring payments?
    A. We don't currently set accounts to automatically terminate on a given future date. The reason we have all of our payments set up as reoccurring payments is so that when the next billing date nears, customers can decide if they want to cancel their billing and have us terminate their web hosting account. We've found that going ahead and terminating accounts without first receiving confirmation from customers tends to create a lot of unintentional account deletions, and frustrations. Therefore, we'd prefer to leave your payment as reoccurring. When your next billing date comes along, if you wish, you can then notify us that you wish to cancel your billing and your web hosting account, and we'll do so right there and then.


  8. Documentation       Back to top

    Q. Where can I find detailed documentation about MySQL databases?
    A. You can go to or you can try . At, click on the documentation button. The documentation is tarred and gzipped. You can extract the html documentation files using WinRAR, which you can obtain from .

    Q. Where can I find detailed documentation about the Interchange Shopping Cart?
    A. You can go to However, please don't contact interchange directly about any problems that you might be having with your shopping cart. They won't provide any direct support to you. Try support forums instead, or you can do a search through newsgroup postings at for issues with interchange.

    Q. Is there an operating manual for customers?
    A. Yes, go to Documentation


  9. Miscellaneous       Back to top

    Q. How do I control the default webpage for my domain and/or subdomain(s)?
    A. All you need to do is create an empty text file called .htaccess in the folder containing your desired default webpage. Then, your have to add the following line to the .htaccess file:


    where is the filename of your desired default webpage. This will be the webpage that loads up by default when someone accesses that folder with their web browser. Each folder (including the /public_html folder) can have its own .htaccess file. Since each subdomain has its own folder, this means that the default webpage for your domain and each of your subdomains can be easily specified.

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