Q: How do I create POP3 Email Accounts?

A:  Go to your Control Panel and click on the Email Admin icon.

Mail Manager Email/List Admin


Q: What is my POP3 and SMTP server?

A: This information is listed on the left hand side of your Control Panel page.


Q: How are my email application settings?


Your Email Address is: account@YOURDOMAINNAME.com
Your Email Account Name is:
Your Email Member Password is:
Account Password
POP3 & SMTP Server Address is:


Q: Why am I not able to check email with MS Outlook?

A: Your login ID needs to be reconfigured. Make sure you set your Email Login ID to your FULL email address. For example, if you are checking e-mail for abc@123.com, you must use abc@123.com as your login ID. 


Q: Why am I able to receive mail but cannot connect and send email with my SMTP server?

A: Your ISP does not allow you to use 3rd party SMTP server other than theirs.  To fix this, call your ISP and ask for their SMTP server to use. 


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