Web Page Problems

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It is important to differentiate between a web page problem and a domain name problem. When your domain name does not work, your web pages will not be visible even when all your files are properly uploaded to your site. If  your web site is working, your temporary or permanent pages should be visible from the internet. There are ways to find out if your domain is working properly, please refer to the domain name technical support section for further assistance.


Q: I edited and uploaded my web pages but why are the changes not showing in my web site?

A: A likely cause for this problem happens when your web browser starts caching your old web pages locally and does not actually retrieve the most recent copy of your web pages from the Internet. Your computer stores copies of frequently accessed pages in the memory cache or disk cache. This way, the computer does not have to retrieve the page from the network each time you view it. To  let your web browser load the updated web pages you must clear this cache first.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer

  2. Click on Tools and Select Internet Options...

  1. Next, click on the Delete Files... button to eliminate the cached Internet files

  1. To make sure all temporary Internet files are removed from your system check
    Delete all offline content box

  1. Click OK to delete and OK once more to exit Internet Options


Netscape Navigator

To clear the cache (Windows and Unix only):

  1. Open the Edit menu and click Preferences

  1. Under the Advanced category, click Cache. (If no options are visible in this category, click to expand the list.)

  1. Click on Clear Memory Cache then click on Clear Disk Cache


Q: I edited and uploaded my web pages but I still see my temporary web page. What is happening?

A: Erase the default index.html page by accessing your account's File Manager at the Control Panel and your index.html file should become visible. Make sure you upload your own index.html file or an equivalent such as default.asp If the problem persists please clear your Internet cache. Please see Question #1.

Temporary web site screenshot for user Jodie


Q: Why is my web site showing pages hosted in my former site provider?

A: Your web site's domain name is not fully propagated to our servers. It may take up to seven days to properly see your new site. This is because your ISP may be caching old internet files and you must wait till such files are flushed out. Another reason is because your computer is caching old Internet Files. Please see Question #1.


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