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Q: Why do I get "Cannot Access from outside of ....." or similar error messages when I try going into the Hosting Control Panel?

A: You will have to make sure that your browser's security settings are set to low or medium. To change settings, go to your Internet Explorer's menu bar, click on Tools menu, select Internet Options and click on the Security tab.

Also, make sure you are NOT behind a firewall of any kind.


Q: What does the FTP Manager do?

A: The FTP Manager allows you to create multiple FTP accounts on your site. Once an FTP login account is setup, you can start uploading files with your FTP software.  This is ideal when you have more than one user needing to upload or download files.

NOTE: The FTP Manager lets you create accounts but you have to use FTP software to access such accounts and upload files.


Q: What does the Web User Manager do?

A: This feature is designed for creating users and protecting directories or files.  Please go to the FILE PROTECTION section in the control panel for more info.

NOTE:  This feature is NOT for creating multiple logins to your Hosting Account.  You can have only ONE Login Name and Password for your web Hosting Account.


Q: What does the Secure Server do?

A: This is suitable when your site needs to accept customer credit card and/or sensitive info.  When you turn this option on, any information submitted through your website will be encrypted and protected.  This prevents malicious users from stealing sensitive information when it is submitted from your website.


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