FTP Setup


Q: How do I setup my FTP Software so that I can upload?

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A:  Use the following configuration info to setup your FTP software:

Profile Name:       Anything you want
Host Address:      FTP.YOURDOMAIN.COM
Port:                  21
Login:                Your Hosting Member ID
Password:           Your Hosting Password
Initial Path:         Leave this empty

NOTE: Always use port 21 to connect. Other ports will not work.


Q: How come I get "Error Connecting..." when I try to connect ?

A:  Makes sure your Host Address is set to FTP.YOURDOMAIN.COM. If your domain name has not resolved to our server yet, meaning you haven't transfer your domain name to our server yet, put your HOST Address as your IP address.  You can find your IP address specified in your Hosting Control Panel's left hand side. (Please read the Hosting Control Panel section in this knowledge base for more info on how to login to your control panel).


Q: How come I get "500 Not Log In..." when I try to connect ?

A:  Makes sure your user ID and Password is correct and are all in lower case.


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