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Q: What is my POP3 and SMTP server?

A: Go to your Control Panel and you will see the server names listed on the left hand side.

POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:


Q: How do I create Email Accounts, Forwarding, Alias and Mailing Lists?

A:  Contact the Administrator. Go to your Control Panel and click on the Email Admin icon.

     See the Step-by-step guide for more details.


Q: Where do I create an Auto responder?

A:  At the Control Panel you can create an auto responder by clicking the Email Admin icon and clicking Robots.

Mail Manager Email/List Admin

Q: How do I use my mailing list?

A: Please go to for detailed instructions.


Q: How come I can not check e-mail with MS Outlook?

A: Please make sure you set your Email Login ID to your FULL email address.  Ex: If you are checking e-mail for, you must use as the login ID. 


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