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It is important to differentiate between a web page problem and a domain name problem. When your domain name does not work, your web pages will not be visible even when all your files are properly uploaded to your site. If  your web site is working, your temporary or permanent pages should be visible from the internet. There are ways to find out if your domain is working properly, please refer to this technical support section for further assistance.


Q: What if I do not have access to my current domain name to change DNS?

A: You can contact the registrar hosting your domain name and ask for help changing your DNS. Registrars hold names, we host the content (i.e. physical space, file administration, etc.) We can not help because we do not have control over your domain name.


Q: How do I add multiple domain names?

A: Please go to the Hosting Control Panel and click on the Add Domain Name icon to add.  If you do not add your domain name to your hosting account, your domain name will NOT work.

Domain Transfers Add New Domain Name


Q: How do I know when my domain name is working or not working?

A: When you look at your domain name in any internet browser and do not see your web page there are several reasons why this could not be working.

  1. When your domain name is not working you will get a notification similar to this one.


  1. When you see a screen similar to this one it means that your domain name is working but you are trying to look at a page that does not exist in your web site. Make sure that: you are looking at the correct page; that the web code has the proper link names; that your files are uploaded; and that they have the correct extensions/formats.

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