FrontPage and Dreamweaver


Q: I can not publish with Front Page. Why is this?

A:  Your FrontPage extensions may not be turned on and/or your domain may not be enabled at the server.

1) Go to your control panel and request FrontPage extensions to be turned on.

2) Once your FrontPage extensions are activated, you can start publishing to (your permanent domain name.)  NEVER try publishing to the temporary URL that we assign you. And NEVER try publishing directly to your IP Address. For safety reasons, these actions will not work.


Q: What UserID and Password should I enter when using Front Page?

A: Your FrontPage userid and password should be the same as your Hosting Account userid and password.  Contact support if this does not work.


Q: How do I publish a subweb?

A: When publishing a SubWeb, if you publish directly to your account it will publish to the ROOT directory overwriting any existing files. The best way to publish a SubWeb is to publish the Parent Web and select the Include SubWebs option. This will ensure that the SubWeb publishes to the correct sub-folder. You may have to manually create the sub-folder first.


Q: Why does my DSN-less connection to my ACCESS DB not work in Dreamweaver?

A: To find the path of your DB in Dreamweaver, you will have to hardcode the FULL path instead of using a Mappath("mydb.mdb").


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